Ryan Lane Will be There Now in a Minute
created by Ryan Lane, Georgia Murphy & Laurence Cook
directed by Georgia Murphy
"does monstrous things to leeks"
Lyn Gardener


"The comedy is subtle and expertly crafted, injecting humour and wit in to every word, every movement and every look Lane gives us. 
Direction from Georgia Murphy keeps up with and compliments Lane’s casual high energy style perfectly. 
The musical interludes between characters keep you engaged and the production itself is slick and well executed."
★★★★★ Within Her Words


"Every opportunity is seized to squeeze every laugh out of a moment, and Lane does it with aplomb, through the extensive physical and vocal toolkit that he and director Georgia Murphy establish with each character"
★★★★ The Spy in the Stalls
"For anyone who’s experienced small town life, the characters really ring true. For those who haven’t, their bizarreness will do more than enough to placate your comedic appetite. "
★★★★ The Skinny
"a not so traditional storytelling show - this is Ryan Lane’s version of comedy theatre, which is quite deliciously bonkers!"
*Recommended Show* Fringe Review
" An utterly ridiculous and very funny hour of comedy.
'Ryan Lane Will Be There Now in a Minute' isn’t just a story about Lane’s personal life. It’s also an homage to those small towns that are peppered all over the country, home to somewhat sheltered but well-meaning people.
Finding the humour in these people is what Lane does easily, but the real accomplishment of an otherwise hilarious hour is his ability to find the heart."
Frills and Spills
devised by Stumble Trip Theatre
directed by Georgia Murphy
“A stupendous and inspired piece of theatre; an absolute must see!”
The Astonishing Singing Fish! 
written by Tice Oakfield
directed by Georgia Murphy 
"The Astonishing Singing Fish is an incredible achievement.
It is one of those plays, that if you don’t see it, you can’t really imagine it.
It is utterly bizarre and made in a way you have probably never seen before and under the direction of Georgia Murphy,
it astonished the audience of The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre."
★★★★ Theatreweekly
'"uplifting nonsense of the highest quality"
★★★★ Fairy Powered Productions
"Unapologetic, carefree, fun-filled entertainment" 
"go and enjoy this bonkers show"
British Theatre Guide
"a successfully funny, yet obscure and quirky must-see comedy"
★★★★ London Pub Theatres
Tragic Scenes of Legendary Women where Snakes were (kind of) Present 
devised by Monia Baldini & Lucia Pena Pin
directed by Georgia Murphy 
"an entertaining, hilarious and sometimes quite seductive experience"
Ellie and the Enormous Sneeze
adapted and directed by Georgia Murphy (2017/2018)
" A definite hit"
Primary Times
"fun, silly, entertaining, creative"
Fest Mag
"A must see"
★★★★★ Edlifewithkids
★★★★★ One4review
★★★★ Families Edinburgh
NOMINATED: Broadway World Award Best Family Show [Edinburgh Fringe 2018]
NOMINATED: Primary Times Award Best Family Show [Edinburgh Fringe 2018]
Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the hippo that can never be caught! 
devised by Georgia Murphy, Louise Dickinson and Oli Weatherly
written & directed by Georgia Murphy 

“Splendidly silly” 
The List
"Playfully silly and terrific fun"
"The direction and the writing both adeptly cater to the younger and older members of the audience, with well-executed physical comedy, verbal jokes and word play providing laughs for all ages"
Sitting on the fourth wall
"Intelligent, imaginative, vey funny"
Jim Jam Arts

★★★★★ One4Review
★★★★ BroadwayBaby
★★★★ MummyPowers
Best Family Show
[Buxton Fringe 2016] 
devised by Chloe Courtney, Rimi Solloway, Louise Dickinson, Georgia Murphy
directed by Georgia Murphy 
"a joyous life affirming ride, 
reminiscent of Joss Whedon's Dr Horribles sing-a-long blog"
 ★★★★ playstosee.com
"a creative, comical and clever look at pop culture,
consistently funny and very imaginative"
The Gryphon
"a high-octane hilarious hour of action packed theatre"
Camden People's Theatre
Appeared in The Metro as part of This Week’s Do’s and Don’t’s List as a ‘DO’ in March 2015 
by Nathan Wood,
directed by Georgia Murphy
‘Like a sinister blend of Terry Gilliam and Roald Dahl,
Dirt mixes childlike wonder, creepy eccentricity and a layer of the truly sinister hidden just below the surface"  
The Scotsman
‘Brilliant, by turns beautiful, surreal, tragic, and comic’
★★★★ EdFringe Review 
‘The perfect combo of grisly cuteness – something they manage to pull off better than anyone’
★★★★ ThreeWeeks