Valentina Star Dreamer (2021)

Valentina, the first woman in history to go into outer space needs your help to complete her mission!

Join Valentina on her adventure to becoming an Astronaut. Leaving her humdrum life working at a factory young Valentina enters a competition to become the first woman in space and wins! Blast off into the stars with her & learn about how Astronauts train for missions.

A live interactive family friendly digital theatre show based on the true story of Valentina Tereshkova. Co-presented by award winning family theatre companies HASTE theatre and Mouths of Lions. Valentina Star Dreamer uses live animated puppetry, camera tricks, cool space facts and plenty of cosmos comedy to bring a brand-new kind of theatre into your living room.

Supported by ACE and The Place and Bedford Schools. 

The Team

Co-writer & Director - Georgia Murphy

Co-writers and performers - HASTE Theatre Company

Producer -  Heather Ralph

Designer - Caitlin Abbott

Sound - Fizz Margereson