Dr. Zeiffal and Dr. Zeigal and The Hippo That Can Never Be Caught (2015-present)

Dr. Zeiffal and Dr. Zeigal and The Hippo That Can Never Be Caught, invites the audience to help the forgetful Dr. Zeiffal catch that crafty Hippo with her patented Hippo Instruments. Expect belly laughs, belly flops, surreal slapstick and fantastical falling over in this interactive family comedy that will have kids storming the stage. Bring your hippo catchers and your hippo google goggles, because Dr Zeiffal has most likely lost hers....

Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo That Can Never Be Caught! was first commissioned for the 2015 Folkestone Living Advent Calendar, JimJamArts. Inspired by real-life discoveries of prehistoric hippopotamus bones in the UK, this show follows the madcap quest of two ‘special archaeological scientist hippo expert enthusiasts' to track down the hippo that can never be caught.

This production was later translated in to Finnish in collaboration with The Fabulous Backstrom Brothers and is still touring Finland today. 

“Splendidly silly” 

The List

"Playfully silly and terrific fun"


"The direction and the writing both adeptly cater to the younger and older members of the audience, with well-executed physical comedy, verbal jokes and word play providing laughs for all ages"

Sitting on the fourth wall

"Intelligent, imaginative, vey funny"

Jim Jam Arts

★★★★★ One4Review

★★★★ BroadwayBaby
★★★★ MummyPowers




Best Family Show

[Buxton Fringe 2016] 

The Team


Creative Team

Writer/Director - Georgia Murphy

Producer - Heather Ralph

Designer - Victoria Smart


Dr Zeiffal - Georgia Murphy

Dr Zeigal - Oli Weatherl